Perspex Sheets Grays

Our Perspex Sheets are of the highest quality, with a crystal clear finish and protection film to prevent scratches and damage during transit. This product is an ideal replacement for areas where standard glass is not suitable. Perspex is around eight stronger than glass, making it ideal for areas where the chances of impact are possible.

Perspex is used for a great number of things because of its optical properties, it is most commonly used as a glass substitute and it can be used to redirect light. This product is weather proof, can tolerate great temperatures and has natural UV protection; making it perfect for applications outdoors. Non-construction uses are wide and varying; Perspex has been used in the past in the art industry for modelling and sculpting.

Perspex is a brand name which is now synonymous with Acrylic or Acrylic Glass. There is a huge variety of sizes, grades and quality of Acrylic.  Perspex also comes in many colours with varying thicknesses. 

Clear Perspex sheets are available in thicknesses of 2mm - 10mm, with sheet sizes from 2050mm x 1525mm to 2050mm x 3050mm. As well as clear, coloured cast acrylic is available at thicknesses of 3mm - 5mm. Sheets sizes are 2000mm x 1500mm and 3000mm x 2000mm. Every colour in the spectrum are available; there are simply too many to list them online. If you need to know more, please call one of our sales representatives.

Another range of the Perspex family is mirrored; this starts from thicknesses of 1.5mm in varying thicknesses up to 6mm, and in sheets sizes of 2440mm x 1220mm and 3040mm x 2030mm. Essentially mirrored Perspex sheet is the ideal alternative to glass mirrors due to their shatterproof properties.

If you require any further information on perspex or acrylic, please contact our sales team and they will be able to answer any questions you might have.


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