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We stock a plentiful and diverse range of plastic sheets which will suit any of your requirements. We stock PVC, Acrylic, Polycarbonate, Perspex, Polypropylene and much more.


Sometimes known as Perspex, is a highly optical plastic sheet material which allows for more transparency than that of glass. It is highly durable and shatter-proof, it comes in many colours and even with a mirrored finish.

If you would like to know more about Perspex, please view our section on “Perspex Sheets”


PVC Plastic Sheets are commonly used for hygienic wall cladding; these are sheets you apply to flat surfaces i.e walls and ceilings. They are regularly used in commercial kitchen, cafes and cold storage environments. Due to their ease of maintenance and bactericidal nature, they are the perfect products for areas which require a high level of hygiene, i.e. kitchens, hospitals and bathrooms.

Traditionally PVC sheeting comes in white, however we have recently started stocking a multitude of colours to suit whatever habitat they are installed in. Our colours range from lime green, placid blue to bright purple. For a full list of colours please contact one of our sales advisors.


Usually described as “virtually unbreakable”, polycarbonate is one of the strongest plastic sheets available. As testament to its impact resistance, this material is used as bullet-proof glass and a wide variety of machine guards.  Polycarbonate can be purchased in a variety of different size sheets or if required, cut to any size you require. We also stock a number of plastic sheets which are used for roofing, such as corrugated and multi wall panels.


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